We currently offer franchise options in the AUTOMOTIVE cleaning services within the private and commercial sector. THINK BLU AUTOMOTIVE cleaning solutions includes cars, trucks, busses and railway carriages which can be cleaned with our special wash & wax biodegradable product or with our special high-performance waterless product - from full valet to full service cleaning. Our products are predestined for service stations, office and public car parks with or without a drainage system, indoor & outdoor water or waterless car wash and automotive hubs. The THINK BLU HYBRID solution reduces the water consumption to approximately 5L per car when performing a water wash. In addition our wash & wax detergent is biodegradable and our de-greaser turns oil into water to eliminate the groundwater pollution.


THINK BLU also offers franchise options within the COMMERCIAL cleaning services with predominately all-natural products, SABS APPROVED also for the food industry. The commercial cleaning solutions include office buildings, health care facilities, hospitality industry, private and public sectors. The machine technologies offered and utilized are mostly made in GERMANY. We provide safe cleaning and sanitizing solutions that protect and prevent germs spreading, i.e. sanitizing and de-greasing in very high traffic areas, sanitizing equipment, sanitizing carpets and areas to create a clean hygienic environment in your commercial space.


In partnership with industrial cleaning providers THINK BLU offers franchise converting options of cleaning solutions which includes mining companies, storage facilities and manufacturing food plants & non-food plants. We provide safe non-flammable water based de-greaser that turns oil into water, the ability to clean-up toxic spill safely, clean-up oil spills, wash engine parts and equipment without the hassle of disposing of the grease and grime and odour and germ control to the highest industry standards. This, along with a range of other compliance and certifications, sets us apart from other industrial cleaners.